4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

Does my business really need a website? I’ve been doing fine without it. Haven’t, I?

I guess so. That’s it. You’re good. Nothing else to see here.

That would be the shortest (and worst) first blog post ever.

My name is Nick. I design websites and help businesses take control of their online presence. I talk to a lot of business owners who don’t think that their business needs a website. Sometimes they may even be intimidated or scared by the fact that they know nothing about it…… and it’s just become easier to ignore it.

Nothing good comes from sticking your businesses head in the sand.

The reality is most people today, when shopping for a business will judge you based on what they find online. The customer is getting smarter and more lazy at the same time. If they can’t find you, or what they do find is not as professional as they expected, they will move on to someone else.

So that being said……

Here’s 4 basic reasons your business needs a website:

1 — Credibility – Having an outdated website that’s hard to find is even worse than not having one at all. I can personally attest to the fact that the first thing I judge a business on is their website. I don’t get in my car and drive by their office. I whip out my phone and Google them. If their website is awful, ugly or awfully ugly, I move on.

2 — Market – Joe down the street raves about your business! I mean, the guy loves it. But what about Mark from two towns over? Has he even heard of you? Your website allows you to reach a wider audience than traditional advertising. They will see your products and services and I’m sure they will love you too. But they have to know you are there!

3 — 24/7 Customer Service and Access – It’s 9:30 pm, Wednesday night. Tomorrow morning I need to call someone to come out and fix my gutters. One has come apart at the top and water is pouring into my basement. I know that no one is open now but I need to know who in the area does it and a little about their company. Now replace 9:30 with 3:00 am. It doesn’t matter, you’re website is always online and ready to help bring in that potential customer.

4 – Saves you Time and Money – A website does cost you money and the price can vary. But if you are doing the right thing, using it for the super power that it’s meant to be, the return on your investment as a marketing tool alone is well worth it. You can place an ad on your site or change your business hours in real-time.

This is pretty general. I know. Every business is going to have specific reasons that a professional website is going to help them. I can help you find out your specific reasons.

It doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating at all.

Want to know what makes a successful website design project?

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